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Top 10 Richest Local Government In Nigeria

Top 10 Richest Local Government In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with 36 states with over seven hundred and seventy-four (774 ) local governments scattered across its states. Some are considerably rich while others depend solely on the Government to keep them going. { Top 10 Richest Local Government In Nigeria }.

Local governments are ranked based on some factors, Such factors include;

  • Natural Resources

A local government area in Nigeria is considered to be rich if it has a lot of natural resources and endowments and is home to parks, tourist centers, and public markets.

  • Income

We rank local governments according to the income they are able to generate by making use of their resources and surroundings.

If a local government produces agricultural products and are able to generate income and use those products and turn them into finished goods for personal or commercial purposes, that local government is said to be rich.

  • Level Of Education

This is also another factor that is used to rank local government areas. The level of education would go a far way in determining whether a local government area is rich or not.

  • Rate of Employment

If there are no jobs for citizens of a particular local government area, then I do not see how that particular local government area would be able to grow financially.

The rate of unemployment also determines whether a local government is rich or poor.

  • Public Services

The availability of public services like healthcare, transportation, housing, and electricity would lead to a high standard of living and thus a rich local government area.

Top 10 Richest Local Government In Nigeria

Top 10 Richest Local Government In Nigeria

Top 10 Richest Local Government In Nigeria

Below are some of the top 10 richest Local government areas in Nigeria;

1. Oboi Akpor

The local government is located in River states which have its capital to be in Port Harcourt. Oboi Akpor is the richest local government and produces 90% of the Nigerian government revenue as it has an abundance of crude oil and natural gas.

2. Ikeja

Ikeja is a local government found in Lagos State which was the formal capital of Nigeria. Ikeja is a commercial state and derives most of its wealth from public markets and stores that are found there.
It also has an airport and has the largest mall store in Lagos State

3. Kurmi

Kurmi is situated in Taraba state. Kurmi is home to many farmers and inhabitants who engage in agricultural activities. They grow items like cocoa, banana, and oranges.

4. Etinan

The Etinan Local government is one of the most peaceful local government areas in Nigeria and is located in Akwa Ibom. They are known for their farming activities and amazing crafting skills.

5. Eti Osa

Eti Osa is a local government located in Lagos State and is jampacked with many commercial centers and banks, parks, good transportation network and houses some of the richest individuals in Nigeria.

6. Abuja Municipal

Abuja Municipal is found in the capital of Nigeria and has large recreational parks, sports facilities, and tourists centers and is also the headquarters of some Powerful organizations.

7. Ibeju Lekki

Ibeju Lekki is located in Lagos State and has many several estates and buildings. It has an oil refinery and is also a commercial zone

8. Uyo

Uyo is located in River states and has one of the highest infrastructural buildings. Over the years, it has been known to be a tourist center for foreigners and Outsiders.

9. Calabar Municipal

Calabar Municipal has plenty natural reserves and tourists centers and is located in Cross Rivers State.
It is the best spot for all those who enjoy beach games, forest walks, and other outdoor activities.

10. Ibadan North West

Situated in Oyo states and is one of the cocoa-producing states in Nigeria. It is also one of the richest local government areas in Nigeria.


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