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Palm Oil Production in Nigeria ( Business & Export ) 2017

Palm Oil Production in Nigeria 2017 Business

Before crude oil came into existence, agriculture has been the main source of the nation’s economy. It has been contributing over 90% of the GDP of the country. Oil palm grows in the coastal belt which varies in depth from 100 to 150 miles. We have several palm oil producing states, some which include Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Imo, Abia, Ekiti and many others states in Nigeria { Palm Oil Production in Nigeria }.

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Palm Oil Production in Nigeria

Palm oil is very essential to man because it forms an important part of the local diet in Nigeria. Palm oil is used both for cooking different variety of foods, production of soaps, bread and also for other different things. Research made shows that palm oil is used as an everyday goods by individuals and its even essential for the continuity of some companies such that it has become a very important ingredient in production of their goods.

Palm oil is edible an oil, which is extracted from the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm tree (Elaeis Guineensis). Oil is a collective term used to describe more or less viscous, generally organic chemical liquids.

We have different types of oil which is depending on their chemical composition, we have the mineral essential and fat, silicone oils, palm kernel oil is gotten from the milling of palm kernel nuts. The palm oil business is a very profitable one. The production of palm oil is very essential especially in the country.

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where we consume lots of palm oil products. Palm oil can look different depending on how it was produced. Palm oil is in high demand all over the world, it is a very large storehouse of vitamins. There are some basic uses of palm oil which are cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, production of water treatment products, drilling of fluids, soap making. All these products listed above are gotten from palm oil, we can see that the production of palm oil is very essential to Nigerians and it also sustains the economy such that if there is decline in the production of palm oil it is going to affect the economy’s agricultural stability.

Palm oil business in Nigeria

In the world we live in, much attention seems to be focused on the Agricultural sector. Since the government are unable to provide the youths with white collar jobs, it would be advisable for all graduates and Nigeria youths to venture into other employment opportunities so they would be able to make ends meet and not depend on the government for white collar jobs. There are a lot of lucrative business opportunities to venture in the agricultural sector, One of such businesses is the Palm Oil Business. In This Post we be looking at everything you need to know about the Palm Oil Business in Nigeria .

palm oil production in Nigeria

  • How Lucrative Is The Palm Oil Business ?

There are a lot of business opportunities surrounding the Palm oil production in Nigeria, Palm oil makes up about 50% of the number of edible oil produced.

  • Who uses Palm Oil ?

Palm oil is used in different aspects and is a major ingredient in most African delicacies and food industries. Palm oil is used as a substitute for fats in the production of ice cream and butter, Palm oil has ability to resist high temperatures.

Due to its high resistance and ability to withstand high fluctuations in temperature, palm oil is used in the production of cooking oil and is considered to be one of the best cooking oil ever known. Palm oil is also used in the production of soaps, glasses and candles.

Products gotten from Palm oil are made use of in pharmaceutical and paper industries and is sometimes used as a substitute for mineral oil in power stations.

Before you go ahead to venture into the Palm oil production business, here are some important tips you should know before starting a palm oil business.

epo pupa palm oil business in Nigeria

Epo Pupa

Important Tips On Palm Oil Production In Nigeria

Landscape/ Farm Land: This is one important factor you should be looking at when starting a palm oil business.

A Land that is not flat is prone to erosion: When planning to start a palm oil business in Nigeria, You should be opting for a farm land that is flat and not prone to erosion.

Working Capital And Investment: The Palm oil business venture is not something you should be going for if you lack funds or are not financially sound,Starting off a palm oil business requires capital. After planting, the seeds normally take 2-3 years to produce and be harvested. You would be required to buy fertilizers, improved Palm oil species and employ workmen to ensure they keep the land fertile and weed free. You can’t do all these for free, you definitely going to be needing much capital to do so

Weather / Rainfall Pattern: Palm oils has been known to do well in areas with abundant rainfall and survive only in regions that are hot all through. If you plan on going for a palm oil business and you find a region that is cold all year round and has low rainfall, I advise you go for one that has abundant rainfall and is hot all through. What are some of the opportunities to be explored in the Palm oil production in Nigeria.

Buying And Selling: You could become a multi millionaire if you choose to venture into palm oil business in Nigeria. There are a lot of states in Nigeria where the demand for Palm oil is high or low and where it is cheap or expensive

There’s no secrets attached to it. You could get to buy and sell Palm oil and make millions out of it. Look out for states like Abia , Imo where Palm oil is cheap. Buy them in large quantities and sell them to regions that has high demand for it

Grow a palm oil plantation: Growing and setting up a palm oil business in Nigeria is not a day job. It could take months and sometimes years to scale through but if done the right way, you would end up getting a huge income from it. Above mentioned are some important factors to look into when starting a palm oil plantation in Nigeria

If you are able to cope with the hurdles attached to it, there are a lot of opportunities you would be able to provide yourself a huge income revenue

Become a bulk trader: There are times and periods in Nigeria where Palm oil is scarce or abundant and when they are cheap and expensive.The trick is simple, When palm oil is abundant and plentiful, go to those states where they are cheap and affordable. Buy them in bulk, store them in large containers and barrels then sell them when it becomes scarce.

Quality Palm oil products are able to withstand high temperatures and can be stored for a long time without getting spoilt

On Export Information – Kindly check back – working On it.

What are your thoughts on the Palm oil production In Nigeria & Palm Oil Business In Nigeria ? Do you feel it is lucrative? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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