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Nigeria Geography and Agriculture Production : All You Need To Know

Nigeria Geography and Agriculture Production : All You Need To Know

Nigeria is a nation in West Africa. It has land fringes / borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Niger in the north, where as Chad and Cameroon in the east. Its drift lies on the Gulf of Guinea in the south and it outskirts Lake Chad toward the upper east. In Nigeria Geography and Agriculture Production , Some notable geological components in Nigeria incorporate the Adamawa good countries, Obudu Plateau, Mambilla Plateau, the Niger River, Jos Plateau, River Benue and Niger Delta.

Types Of Vegetation In Nigeria

The country is found in the Tropics, where the atmosphere is occasionally sodden and exceptionally humid. As a nation, Nigeria is influenced by four atmosphere sorts; these atmosphere sorts are discernible, as one move from the southern segment of Nigeria toward the northern area of Nigeria through Nigeria’s center belt.

nigeria geography and agriculture production vegetation in nigeria

Just like the rest of other West African and other tropical terrains, Nigeria has just two seasons. These are the rainy season and the dry season. While the rainy season is intensely affected by an air mass beginning from the South Atlantic sea, locally known as the south west wind, or by its primary name, The Tropical Maritime (MT) air mass, the dry season is joined by loaded dust air mass from the Sahara Desert, known locally as Harmattan or by its fundamental name, The Tropical Continental (CT) air mass, These two noteworthy wind frameworks in Nigeria are known as the trade winds.

Still On Nigeria Geography and Agriculture Production

Agricultural Production In Nigeria

Under Nigeria Geography and Agricultural Production, Farming / agriculture is a sector of the country’s economy, making work available to around 30% of the populace starting at 2010. The sector is being changed by commercialization at the little, medium and extensive scale enterprise levels.

The major crops Nigeria produce incorporate beans, sesame, cashew nuts, cassava, cocoa beans, rubber, groundnuts, gum arabic, kola nut, maize, rice, melon, millet, palm bits, palm oil, plantains, sorghum, soybeans and yams.

The nation’s agriculture items are into two primary gatherings: sustenance / food crops delivered for home utilization, and exports. Preceding the Nigerian civil war, the nation was independent with food, yet expanded steeply after 1973. Bread produced using American wheat supplanted household crops as the least expensive staple nourishment.

Cocoa is the main non-oil foreign exchange earner yet the predominance of smallholders and absence of farm work because of urbanization keep down its production.

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