Neco Physics Practical Expo 2017/18 (Questions & Answers) Runs.

Neco Physics Practical Expo
Neco Physics Practical Expo


Neco Physics Practical Expo
Neco Physics Practical Expo

Finding the correct NECO Physics Practical Expo For 2017 Online, You are welcome to the right place, We assure you Fast update on Both Questions & Answers Expo For Neco 2017 Mathematics Exam.

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s/n, L(cm), t1(s), t2(s), t=t1+t2/2(s), T(s), 100T, log100T, logL
s/n 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
L(cm) 90.00, 85.00, 80.00, 75.00, 70.00
t1(s) 9.20, 8.90, 8.65, 8.20, 7.65
t2(s) 9.30, 9.00, 8.45, 8.10, 7.54
t=t1+t2/2(s) 9.25, 8.95, 8.55, 8.15, 7.59
T(s) 0.463 0.448 0428 0408 0379
100T 46.30 44.80 42.80 40.80 37.90
log100T 1.666 1.653 1.634 1.613 1.579
logL 1.954, 1.929, 1.903, 1.875, 1.845,
slope,S=change in log100T/change in logL


Couple is an occurrence when two equal but oppositely directed parallel force not acting straight line.
Moment of a couple is define as the product of the force and perpendicular distance between the line of action of the two forces


Relationship :R=Mg+Mg


centre of gravity of a body is the point at which its resultant weight seems to act.
Stability of an object depends on the position of the centre of gravity.

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