Neco Biology Practical Expo 2017/18 (Questions & Answers) Runs.

Neco Physics Practical Expo
Neco Physics Practical Expo


Neco Physics Practical Expo
Neco Biology Practical Expo

Finding the correct NECO Biology Practical Expo For 2017 Online, You are welcome to the right place, We assure you Fast update on Both Questions & Answers Expo For Neco 2017 Biology Practical Exam. 

Apart from getting the correct and the real runs for Neco Biology Practical Expo 2017, The time is what matters the most, That’s why we set up the free Expo for you 2 Hours before the Exam, Which means you have the full opportunity to cram the possible Questions & Answers For 2 Hours, Our Team will write out the full Neco Biology Practical Question & Answers For You Free, The solution will also be attached to it.

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  1. May Almighty God protect you, help u and grant you success to what you need, bcos you are helping the needy ones

  2. 1ai)
    B=Thoracic Vertebra
    C=Lumbar vertebra
    D= Pride of Barbados
    F=Agama Lizard
    DRAW literal view of Thoracic Vertebra (check image in pdf)
    B===>located in chest, attached to the ribs
    C===>located in loin
    i)They are 12 in number
    ii) they are large
    iii) They are rigid
    iv)less vulnerable to degenerative conditions
    v) less massive
    i)They are only 5
    ii)They are the largest
    iii)They are flexible
    iv) more vulnerable to degenerative conditions due to its weight – bearing function
    v) more massive
    i) Both have large centrum
    ii)Both have neural spine
    iii) Both support the body and protect the spinal cord
    G- foot of domestic fowl
    H-foot of domestic duck
    I-tomatoe fruit
    J-coconut fruit
    K-dry bean pod
    L-combretion fruit
    i-they both have claws
    ii-they both have three toes in front and one at the back
    iii-they are both used for walking
    Spc- H is webbed while sec-G is not
    i-for scratching
    ii-for walking/running i.e locomotion
    i-prominent hind limb for running away from treats
    ii-prominent claws for scratching the ground in search of food
    I- simple sacculent fruit – berry
    J-simple sacculent fruit – drupe
    K-simple dry dehicent fruit- legume
    L-simple dry dehiscent fruit

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