Neco Agricultural Science Free Expo 2017 (OBJ & Theory Questions & Answers)


Neco Free Expo 2017 Neco Free Expo 2017


3a )
i) Use of organic matter
ii) Planting of cover crops
iii) Mixed cropping
iv) Land use planning
*Monocropping* is an agricultural practice in which the same
crop is planted year after year , without practicing crop
rotation or resting the soil
*monoculture* is the agricultural practice of producing or
growing a single crop , plant , or livestock species, variety ,
or breed in a field or farming system at a time .
*mixed farming* is the process of growing cops and feeding
*Mixed cropping* is growing of two or more crops
simultaneously on the same piece of land .
i )Expansive land leveling is not required .
ii)Water saving irrigation intensity can be changed in
accordance with the infiltration capacity of soil .
iii)High efficiency due to uniform water distribution .
iv)No special skills trained personal can operate the system
reasonably well .

Crop rotation is The successive planting of different crops
on the same land to maintain soil fertility and help control
insects and diseases.
i) It serves as food for man
ii) Some weeds are used for medicinal purposes
iii) Weeds Add Organic Matter and Nutrients to the Soil:
iv) Weeds helps to control Wind, Water and Soil Erosion.
i) Overgrazing
ii) Climatic and weather conditions
iii) Soil texture and structure
i) They are used for decorations
ii) Some of them serves as food for man and animals
iii) They are used as scent plants for their fragrance
Preplanting activities are farm activities carried out before
rubber plantation e.g land clearing *WHILE* post planting
activities are activities carried out after planting e.g siping

i) Presence of pathogens on the farm
ii) Poor management and hygiene conditions of the animals
iii) Overstocking of animals
Diet is the sum of food consumed by an animal while ration
is the daily feed portion prepared from various feeds
according to various animals’ requirements.
i) Soil nature
ii) Accessibility
iii) Availability of water supply
iv) Climatic and weather conditions
i) It causes diseases to farm animals
ii) It reduces farmers income
iii) It reduces the quality of farm animals and eventually
leads to death
i) Bacteria
ii) sudden onset of fever and difficulty in breathing.
iii) Feeding on contaminated feed
iv) Through the identification of infested areas and use of

Supply in agricultural economics refers to the quantity of a
good that the producer plans to sell in the market.
i) Climatic conditions.
ii) Improvements in technology.
iii) The rate of supply of a related good
iv) Costs of production I.e cost of rearing cow
v) . The number of producer I.e cow rearers.
i) to maintain affordability of goods
ii) To prevent inflation
iii) To ensure a minimum income for providers of certain
goods or a minimum wage.
i) -time savings compared with individual extension
ii) It is cheaper.
i) It is not for communicating complex subject matters
ii) It is not easy to gather the target group and requires
more skills.

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