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Kano Nigeria | Brief History of Kano State

Kano Nigeria | Brief History of Kano State

Perhaps one of the most historical states in the whole of northern Nigeria, Kano Nigeria is a state located in north western part of the most populous black Nation. It is located just to the south of the sahara desert and its position is commonly referred to as the sahelian geographic region. It is not just the second largest city, Kano Nigeria is also known as the commercial nerve of the north.

  • State logo

Kano State Logo

Kano State Logo

It occupies an area of about 53 square miles(137 square kilometers) and initially contained 6 local government areas namely; tarauni, nasarawa, gwale, dala, fagge and municipal.

However, it has been made to include two other local government areas being; kumbotso and ungogo. According to the most recent census conducted nationwide, the state was estimated to have a population of 2828861, the total area of Kano Nigeria is currently measured at 499 square kilometers.

The main inhabitants of the state are the Hausa people, and this is quite apparent as in all areas of the state, the Hausa language is most popularly spoken. The capital city of the state is Kano city and is ruled by an Emir.

  • Kano Nigeria Map

Kano Nigeria Map

Brief Historical Background of Kano Nigeria

Back in the 7th century, there was a hill in Kano known as Dala hill and it was a site for a hunting and gathering settlement that engaged in metal work. It remains unclear if these settlers were speakers of the Hausa language.

However, the state was originally named after the hill; Dala and it remained so until the end of the 15th century where the named was changed. The most significant happening in the state’s history is the occurrence of ” the Jihad led by usman dan fodio ” which happened in the 19th century and lead to the formation of the sokoto caliphate. Kano became a major port for slave trade activities and most of this occurred due to its proximity to the Sahara.

After being captured by British invaders, the region became the administrative center of northern Nigeria.

kano Nigeria long bridge

Long Bridge


The state is characterized by a typically hot weather throughout the year which is not surprising due to its proximity to the Sahara.

Culture of Kano Nigeria

This North Western state is largely dominated by Hausas and Fulani. It remains to this day, an Islamic state.

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