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Civil Service Rules On Promotion

Civil Service Rules On Promotion

Being a part of the Nigerian civil service is an aspiration of many Nigerians. There are a lot of reasons why people desire to join the civil service. However, the major reason why people join the civil service is that the civil service often pays people in the long run with job security and retirement benefit. Before we go into The Nigeria civil service rules on promotion, let’s give a better understanding of why people often prefer jobs at the civil service to private jobs, let us compare the two types of job.

Getting a job in a good private organization is relatively fair, as employment is often based on merit. Salaries paid to entry-level workers are often higher. Promotion at private organizations is often not easy. Promotion at private organizations is often implemented earlier. The maximum level a worker can attain at a private organization is not always high. There is relatively low job security at private organizations.

Now, let us examine the nature of jobs in the civil service. Getting a job in the civil service is relatively difficult as employment is often based on connection. Salaries paid to workers, in general, are sometimes irregular. Entry-level workers salaries are relatively low. Promotion in the civil service is relatively easy. Promotion is not often implemented early. The maximum level a public servant can attain is relatively high. There is high job security in civil service.

Haven been informed about the differences between private jobs and jobs in the civil service, it can be clearly seen that civil service jobs pay when a person plans to be in it for a long time. Furthermore, promotion plays important role in one’s success in the civil service, and knowing some civil service rules is very helpful. In this article, ‘Civil Service Rules On Promotion’, we’ll discuss some civil services rules on promotion, and here we go.

Some Civil Service Rules On Promotion

Civil Service Rules on Promotion

Civil Service Rules

  • 1. Promotion Is Either Based On Promotional Examination Or Performance

Promotion is a natural thing at workplaces, and it is in the civil service. In some places, promotion is got when a person makes an achievement or after they have spent a lot of time in the place. Promotion in the civil service is not based on any of the preceding factors. When a person joins the Nigerian civil service, they are often placed at one of these levels: Grade Level 7, Grade Level 8 or Grade Level 9. Holders of NCE and HND are the ones placed at Grade Level 7. University degree holders are placed at Grade Level 8, while Master’s degree holders are placed at Grade Level 9.

Entry-level workers and other workers in the service rank up by taking examinations and performing well in them. If a civil servant does not perform well in a promotional examination, they may not be promoted. However, in some ministries of the Nigerian civil service, promotion is not based on examinations. Some people believe that basing promotion on the exam is one of the factors that have contributed greatly to the poor performance of civil servants, at work.

In reaction, they believe that promotion of a civil servant should be based on their performance in the civil service. Thus, in some ministries, promotion of a civil servant is based on their individual performance at work.

  • 2. Permanent Secretaries Have A Maximum Of 8 Years To Retire

In Africa, it is common to see people occupying a post for a very long period. This gives these people the room to get involved in corrupt practices, references can be made to some African countries. Years back, this was very rampant in the Nigerian civil service. Those time, it is not difficult to find permanent secretaries who have spent over 15 years in the post. When they eventually leave office, lots of corrupt practices they were involved in, get unraveled.

The magnitude of corruption carried out by permanent secretaries made the government create a rule: permanent secretaries have a maximum of 8 years to retire. In other words, when a person becomes a permanent secretary, they are allowed to hold the post for 8 years. Afterwards, they must retire. This does not mean that permanent secretaries must spend 8 years in the post, they are allowed to spend less.

Civil Service Promotion Rules

Civil Service Rules

  • 3. The Maximum No Of Years A Civil Servant Can Spend In A Level Is 3 Years

In the Nigeria civil service, there are 17 levels. These levels are: Grade Level 1, Grade Level 2, Grade Level 3, Grade Level 4, Grade Level 5, Grade Level 6, Grade Level 7, Grade Level 8, Grade Level 9, Grade Level 10, Grade Level 11, Grade Level 12, Grade Level 13, Grade Level 14, Grade Level 15, Grade Level 16, and Grade Level 17. Ordinarily, a civil servant should move from their current level to a higher one, under a period of 2 years.

In some cases, promotion of some civil servants is delayed for one reason or the other. One of the common reasons for the delay in promotion is politics, whereby an individual is not promoted because they have issues with someone at a higher rank. To take care of such a situation, it is one of the rules of the Nigerian civil service, that the maximum number of years a civil servant can spend in a level is 3 years. From this, it can be inferred that if a civil servant spends more than 3 years in a level, they have the right to fight the problem.

  • 4. Civil Servants On Leave Are Also Entitled To Promotion

Leave is a very common thing in workplaces. There are a number of reasons why people take leave. Some people take annual leave because of its part of the regulations of their workplace. At times, leaves are enforced on people for some reason. It may also be a situation where an individual wants to go advance in their education. Whatever your reason for taking a leave is, all civil servants are entitled to promotion even when they are on leave. Note, do not get this wrong, being on leave does not mean that an individual must be promoted. Our point here is that, if an individual is on leave, and it is time for promotion, the individual is entitled to be promoted.

That’s all about Civil Service Rules On Promotion.


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Civil Service Rules On Promotion
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