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Average Salary In Nigeria – Details and Analysis

Average Salary In Nigeria – Details, and Analysis

Knowing the average salaries of fields and professions in Nigeria has a lot of advantages. At times, an individual may be contemplating which career to pursue, and they’ll find themselves in need to know the average salary in Nigeria. It may also be the case of an individual who is contemplating on whether to work in Nigeria or not. There are lot of reasons why an individual will need to know the average salaries in Nigeria, unfortunately, we will not be able to examine more of these reasons. At this point, our intention is to examine average salaries of some fields in the country. Afterwards, we’ll examine the average salaries of some specific professionals.

Here We Go On The Average Salary In Nigeria

Average Salaries In Nigeria


  • Average Salaries Of Some Fields In Nigeria

In Nigeria, we have a lot of fields. Here are some fields in the country and their corresponding average salaries: Facilities/Maintenance/Repair — 58,500 NGN; Architecture — 120,000 NGN; Marketing — 134,000 NGN; Advertising/Graphic Design/Event Management — 165,000 NGN; Quality Control and Compliance — 198,750 NGN; Factory and Manufacturing — 212,500 NGN; Science and Technical Services — 215,000 NGN; Health and Medical — 244,500 NGN; Sales Retail and Wholesale — 274,500 NGN; Administration/Reception/Secretarial; 290,833 NGN; Customer Service and Call Center — 298,875 NGN; Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology — 350,000 NGN; Accounting and Finance — 360,102 NGN; Information Technology — 371,571 NGN; Telecommunication — 425,556 NGN; Human Resources — 428,778 NGN; Construction/Building/Installation — 440,000 NGN; Food/Hospitality/Tourism/Catering — 500,000 NGN; Purchasing and Inventory — 535,500 NGN; Business Planning — 569,410 NGN; Engineering — 738,750 NGN; Oil/Gas/Energy/Mining 889,438 NGN; Insurance — 1,450,000 NGN; Executive and Management — 1,511,233 NGN; Legal — 1,520,842 NGN; Environmental — 2,108,333 NGN. The above average salaries are annual salaries, not monthly salaries.

  • Average Salaries Of Some Specific Professionals

Account Executives do a job that involves selling products and/or services, in most cases to other businesses. The average wage for this job is 10,345 USD. About 69 percent of people holding this job have 1 – 4 years experience. Furthermore, 53 percent of people who hold this job are females, while the remaining 47 percent of people holding it are males.

Accountants are generally popular professionals. Unlike Account Executives, the experience of Accountants greatly influences how much they earn. The average wage of an Accountant in Nigeria is 11,051 USD. Majority of Accountants have between 1 – 9 years working experience. Furthermore, Accountants who have up to 20 years and above experience, tend to switch field. 63 percent of Accountants in Nigeria, are males, while 37 percent of them are females.

Auditors are professionals often sought after by companies, from time to time. The job of Auditors is to analyze financial records, with the intention of ascertaining the accurate financial records. The need of these professionals often arises when there are traces of corruption. Becoming an Auditor requires a degree in accounting. However, a Masters in accounting will enhance an individual’s career as an Auditor. The male-female ratio of Auditors is the same as that of Accountants, 67 percent to 37 percent. The average yearly salary of Auditors is 9,000 USD.

Business Analysts are professionals concerned with the information technologies of a company. These professionals ensure that a company uses information technologies that benefit the company, especially in terms of work efficiency. It is mandatory for Business Analysts to have the profound knowledge of the relational model and DBMS. The average yearly wage of these professionals, in Nigeria, is 8,650 USD. Majority of these professionals have between 1 and 4 years working experience.

Average Salary in Nigeria

Average Salary In Nigeria

Chief Executive Officers, also known as CEOs, are popular professionals in the business world. Chief Executive Officers have crucial responsibilities in a company, and in turn, they are paid handsomely. Becoming a Chief Executive Officer requires years of working experience. Over 70 percent of CEOs in Nigeria, have at least 10 years experience. Furthermore, over 40 percent of these CEOs have over 20 years of working experience. The average wage of Chief Executive Officers is 110,000 USD. About 86 percent of CEOs are males, while about 16 percent are females.

Business Managers are also popular in the country. These professionals are often found in small business enterprises or branches of large business enterprises. Just as the name depicts, their primary objective is to manage a business or a branch of a business. The average wage of Business Managers is 30,000 USD. 20 percent of these professionals have 1 – 4 years experience, 53 percent of them have between 5 – 9 years experience, 20 percent of them have between 10 – 19 years experience and the remaining 7 percent of them have over 19 years experience. The male-female ratio of Business Managers is 71 percent to 29 percent.

Civil Engineers are engineers trained to guide the construction of buildings. In most cases, these professionals work with construction companies. Working as a Civil Engineer requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. The average yearly wage of these professionals is 16,000 USD. However, working experience and job location greatly influence their income. Majority of these professionals have experience between 5 years and 9 years. Furthermore, the majority of them switch field after having over 9 years experience. A great percentage of Civil Engineers are male, 92 percent. The percentage of female Civil Engineers in the country is 8 percent.

Electrical Engineers are professionals who have been around for quite a long time. These professionals are one of the highest paid engineers. An Electrical Engineer is responsible for handling power related issues of a company. The percentage of Electrical Engineer having less than 1-year experience is 1 percent. 48 percent of Electrical Engineer have between 1 and 4 years experience. 25 percent of them have between 5 and 9 years experience, while the rest have over 9 years experience. The average wage of Electrical Engineers is 20,000 USD. Their male-female ratio is unknown.

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